(Co-)Work Spaces

At The Nest Space we offer a variety of creative spaces and meeting rooms where you can attend to your most important calls or gather your team members for relevant meetings.

Work Spaces

A large room for meetings

Looking to host a productive meeting with your team in a comfortable, well-equipped, and vibrant space? Look no further than the «Open Your Mind» room. Designed for tranquility and creativity, this room is exclusively yours to tailor to your needs.

A private room for special meetings

Need a space for one-on-one meetings or video calls with clients online? Look no further than this cozy room, ideal for intimate discussions where distractions are minimal. Stay focused on what matters most and make your calls seamlessly, without interruptions or hassle.

Our Coworking Space

The coworking space exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for fostering collaboration and productivity. With spacious desks, comfortable chairs, and a designated area to gather your team, you can work together seamlessly in a familiar and cozy environment..