Our mission is helping new initiatives or projects that address – through technology  – the social, environmental, economic and cultural challenges we face today.

Creative Space

Our creative social innovation space in Valencia is the right environment for people and ideas to collide and grow. Come to create, impact and grow.


We are a community of social innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, investors and corporations working together for a better future.

Making Impact Grow

Learn, connect, get inspired, invest, receive investment, discover new tools, new ways of doing things, develop new skills, expand your horizons, enjoy, have fun.

Together we solve problems that matter.

A social impact project or startup needs and adequate support environment to develop and grow.


Be a part of our community? 

What makes The Nest Space so special? The people. We’re a warm and welcoming community of social innovators and a launchpad for startups and project who are working together for a better future.

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